This Botanic garden styled table features a live table runner using eucalyptus, ferns and various sprigs of foliage. At Portmeirion we see Botanic garden as an everyday setting. You might not think it’s worthwhile laying the table for your everyday meal, but it’s really rewarding, lets you put out your lovely dinner set, and without the distraction of the TV, the conversation will flow. This setting is all about ease.

You will need:


Botanic Garden tea towel.
Botanic Garden high ball glasses assorted motif.


Dinner plates: Botanic Garden dinner plates.
Side plates: Botanic Garden side plates.
Wine glasses: Botanic Garden Crystal Wine Glasses.

How to recreate this look:

1. To begin, create the beautiful living table Runner. Take your greenery and arrange into an order which will fit the length of your table, tie some rustic string around the middle. To add to the centrepiece, begin by placing three wood slices along the centre. Place your candles on top to give the look some height.
2. Place the green longer foliage towards the ends of the table, so they hang off the sides slightly. Start placing the glasses and other decorations along the centre, filling in the gaps and evenly spreading the colour all the way along. Dot ferns in each place setting to create a natural placemat.
3. Place your wine glasses on the top right of each place. Set out your cutlery and begin to later each place setting. Place down your dinner plates and side plates on top or to the side of one another.
4. Finally place your botanic garden tea towels folded over the back of a couple of chairs! Light your candles and wait for your guests to be impressed!

Botanic Garden makes everyday occasions special – like an enjoyable Sunday breakfast with the family, or afternoon tea and a catch-up with friends. Portmeirion treasures Botanic Garden as each and every ceramic piece is made with love and attention as it passes through 22 pairs of hands before being packed ready for a home. Don’t forget to share your table setting moments with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #GetTogether. To explore more of our Botanic Garden range click here.