Four dining room trends to define 2024

Four dining room trends to define 2024

As a space dedicated to good food and great conversation, for many of us, the dining room often takes pride of place in the home. So, when it comes to adding more style and vigour to your home, the dining room certainly deserves some extra TLC.

Interior trends, however, can feel like a whirlwind with the speed at which they change from one colour or pattern to the next. Read on to discover our predictions for the top 2024 dining room trends to make mealtimes – and updating your dining space - more enjoyable this year.

Gather round the table

Spending more time with family and friends will continue to be a key trend as we move into the new year – with the kitchen and dining room being the perfect settings to do so. Whether it be a sophisticated dinner party, or a fun family setup, now is the time to ditch solo, plugged-in meals for moments of togetherness.

The best decorative pieces could inject charm and personality and strike up conversation. For that reason, we recommend mixing and matching your tableware. This will make all the difference in creating contrast while ensuring you can accommodate a crowd.

Complete tableware collections provide everything you need to become the ultimate ‘hostess with the most-est’, while dessert stands with multiple sections mean you can keep food regularly topped up and guests happy from beginning to end. For a more casual dining experience, plate your food up on serving platters, such as our Sara Miller Artisanne Noir Medium Serving Platter, and let guests help themselves. 

Another way you can adapt to this trend is by building your tableware collection over time with statement pieces that tell a story, or with more timeless designs that can be used all year round. The minimalist shape and elegant colours of our Sophie Conran Lavandula 12 Piece Set is a great way to achieve this – and whether you choose to use it every day or save it for special occasions, the collection will elevate you tablescape endlessly.

Restorative ease

Another key trend set for 2024, as highlighted by the WGSN Fashion trend forecasting report, will see us develop the dining room to serve as a sanctuary for wellness and serenity amid busy daily schedules, helping to encourage mindful eating habits. To complement this growing trend, we’d recommend investing in tableware designs that are made for longevity and make dining moments and occasions more special.

Products that are consciously crafted using sustainable materials, such as our upcoming new Portmeirion Minerals collection, help contribute to this trend by encouraging an eco-friendlier lifestyle. These sustainable ceramics designs make for guilt-free, enjoyable tablescaping while also prioritising our planet’s wellbeing.

For this trend, look for pieces that exude natural beauty and work harmoniously together, as this will make tablescaping far easier while still guaranteeing to dazzle guests. For interesting texture and layers, opt for a design that showcases an organic shape or one-of-a-kind markings. 

Midnight Plum

Bold colours, in particular Midnight Plum – a powerful deep purple – have been having a resurgence at the dining table and will continue to do so in 2024, based on data by the WGSN Fashion trend forecasting report. Providing a sophisticated way to showcase creativity, incorporating these bold colours also helps to spark vibrant dinnertime discussions.

The great thing about this trend is you don’t have to redecorate entirely to try it out. In fact, using bold hues through dining accessories, such as dinner sets, placemats, and vases is a brilliant first step and creates a wonderful regal look. Treat Midnight Plum as a jewel tone, pairing it with gleaming metals, such as gold cutlery or dinner sets with metallic edges to frame the statement colour. 

Our Minerals collection showcases a stunning Amethyst colourway in deep violet. The rich shade of the reactive glaze adds depth to each piece while creating a mysterious allure that will leave guests in awe.  

Highly regarded for its spiritual properties, amethyst is also believed to bring clarity and peacefulness - lending itself nicely to the restorative trend, too. Pair with nature-inspired prints or natural flourishes to soften your setup and create a restful feel.

Rhythmic repeats

Repetition is a simple, yet effective interior design rule that is crucial for creating a cohesive space that feels balanced and well-thought-through and will continue to be a key trend for the year ahead. The best way to add this to your own tablescape is by using basic shapes and gentle ridges to create subtle pattern play.

Test different scales of shapes and lines, from small trims to large patterns. For a more subtle take, look to dinnerware with scalloped edges, or for a more maximalist approach, a table runner with a geometric print will draw attention to your tabletop. However you choose to embrace repetition, the intricate detailing is what elevates everyday items – and the distinctive design of the Portmeirion Sophie Conran Floret collection is the perfect example of this with its soft curved edges that are reminiscent of rose petals. 

If you wish to elevate your tablescape further, you can play with blocking in a variety of ways. Think tablecloths and napkins with a vintage-like marquetry or modern patchwork design, and finish with a statement centrepiece to make the scheme even more dramatic.