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Our Story

Our story began in 1960 when our founder, Susan Williams-Ellis, and husband, Euan Cooper-Willis, opened the door to Portmeirion Pottery in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent. Susan's futuristic designs put Portmeirion on the map, they were innovative and ahead of their time. Today, we continue to move with fashion and various trends but always with the same philosophy: to make beautiful high quality products with timeless style...

Portmeirion’s top tips for working at home

If you’re among the thousands of people working from home this year, you’re more than likely...

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Trick and treat yourself to a stylish Autumn with Portmeirion

The season for all things spooktacular, October not only provides the excuse to carve pumpkins, ...

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The perfect picnic at home

When thinking of the summer there’s always one activity that springs straight into our minds....

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