Summer Herb Salad Recipe

Summer Herb Salad Recipe

A new season sees us reaching for fresh flavours. Try this easy salad recipe perfect for using up your homegrown herbs.


125g parsley 
125g coriander 
60g basil 
60g chopped chives 
60g mint 
1 bunch of radishes, thinly sliced 
125g walnuts, lighted toasted 
Half a cucumber, thinly sliced 
4 spring onions, thinly chopped 
125g crumbled feta 
30ml olive oil 
1 tablespoon lemon zest 
Juice from half a lemon 
Salt and pepper to taste


Step one: Add the basil, parsley, coriander, chives and mint to a large bowl and mix.

 Step two: Add the radishes, walnuts, spring onions and cucumber and mix again.

Step three: Sprinkle over the feta, drizzle with olive oil, add the lemon zest, and the juice from half a lemon and season with salt and pepper.

Step four: Give the salad one last mix and serve up in your favourite Portmeirion salad plate or bowl. Serve with fresh bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

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