How to master the art of tablescaping with Portmeirion Minerals

How to master the art of tablescaping with Portmeirion Minerals

Sitting at the heart of the home, the dining room is synonymous with friendship, good food, and precious memories. To set the perfect backdrop, an attractive table setting can go a long way in creating a space that feels special and combines our love of food with our love of people.

A true art form, tablescaping gives us the freedom to add creativity to our dining setup, while creating genuine moments of joy and connection in our homes. We’ve joined our Creative Stylist, Rebecca, for her expert styling tips to help inject a little extra magic into the time we spend with friends and family.

Lay the foundations

“One of the best tips is to view your tablescape as different layers of décor. Start off with linen napkins as these are a great way to add softness and a degree of formality to dining and can anchor your colour scheme, whatever that may be. Tonal and neutral hues such as hessian trays and wooden boards work wonders, as they make every dining experience feel celebratory, natural, and fresh. A minimalist colour scheme will also prevent aesthetically unappealing clashes to help add intrigue to your tabletop.

“Use your tablecloth as the backdrop to add raw-edge napkins and bespoke placemats with an unusual pattern or trim, using them to introduce more appeal and texture where needed. For your tableware, consider unique designs with a tactile quality or interesting glaze, such as our natural Minerals collection, to help add intrigue to your tabletop.”

Embrace nature for an earthy feel

“Earthy elements are a soul-soothing way to infuse nature’s beauty into your tabletop. Opt for interesting textures and materials, such as rattan, jute and seagrass, that can help bring balance to your setup and take your tablescape from basic to beautiful.

“If you are keen to brighten up your tablescape, try to tie it into the napkins, dinnerware, and flowers. The naturally inspired colours of our Minerals collection speak for themselves and blend seamlessly with your dining space.

“Taking its inspiration from nature, Portmeirion Minerals is consciously designed, helping to care for the world around us. Crafted from 90% recycled materials that are once fired, this special collection is beautifully presented in minimal, recyclable packaging, leaving you to enjoy completely guilt-free tablescaping.”

Mix and match your dinnerware

“Starting as a blank canvas, tablescaping allows you to create a setting that will leave guests in awe, so don’t be afraid to get creative. The best - and simplest - way to achieve this is by mixing and matching your tableware.

“Thoughtfully designed, our Minerals collection comes in four jewelled tones that layer harmoniously together to create a look that is both cohesive and naturally beautiful. Each piece has been expertly finished with a reactive glaze to give it its own distinct characteristics, just like the minerals they are named after – bringing a sense of character to the table.

“A mixture of colours and patterns is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye, making the decision to step outside of your comfort zone all the more worth it.”

Tablescape sustainably

“Rather than buying products for one specific event or time period, invest in items you’ll really love and can use time and time again. If taken care of properly, premium quality napkins and tablecloths will withstand even the toughest of spillages, and the same goes for tableware and glassware, too. Look to dinnerware that is created for longevity; the Minerals range has been made to love and made to last for a beautiful tablescape that also protects the environment.”

Elevate your setup with little details

“Nothing can complete a tablescape more beautifully than thoughtful little details. Fresh or dried flowers in vases, jugs or odd bottles are great ‘gap fillers’ if you feel your table is looking empty. These taller elements will also add height, bringing interest to your tabletop.

“Be careful, however, not to overdo it. Overly decorated tablescapes that don’t give your guests room to manoeuvre are impractical and can taint the overall dining experience. In other words, the table doesn’t need to be busy, to be impactful.

“A couple of small stems or sprigs of herbs or foliage from the garden to dress your napkins is all you need to transform your setup. Adding freshness and fragrance, these tiny details engage multiple senses and create a desired mood. It’s important that when you do use flowers to consider the colours of your tableware, linen, and anything else that will feature on your tablescape, as you want them to complement and enhance these – even better if they complement the food, too!”

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