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Portmeirion: Pottery Trendsetter

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum has opened a unique exhibition dedicated to one of the world’s most successful ceramic companies, Portmeirion, and the driving force behind its phenomenal success – Susan Williams-Ellis.

The Portmeirion: Pottery Trendsetter exhibition, which opened on 30th October 2018, follows Portmeirion’s journey from a small Welsh village giftshop to a globally recognised ceramics brand and world export.

Exploring the fascinating life of Susan Williams-Ellis (1918-2007), the exhibition discovers the innovative designs perfected by Susan during her lifetime, including her most famous patterns Totem, Magic City and the ever-popular Botanic Garden.

Step inside the exhibition hall to be instantly transported on a journey of ceramic discovery. Delving back in to the archives, the displays bring to life some of Susan’s first ever creations - the designs which put Portmeirion Potteries on the map in the 1960s - the luxurious Malachite and Moss agate patterns, which at the time were considered revolutionary and received critical acclaim for their bold use of colour.

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