The colours of nature: exploring the palette of Minerals

The colours of nature: exploring the palette of Minerals

Our new spring/summer 2024 collection, Portmeirion Minerals, is full of texture and detail, creating a collection for the home that is made to love and made to last.

 Finished with a unique glaze in four beautiful colourways, read on to discover the inspiration behind the palette of Minerals and how they layer together for an effortless setting, whatever the occasion. 

The inspiration

The colours of the Minerals collection are named after the natural stones they take their inspiration from; aquamarine, moonstone, rose quartz and amethyst. Minerals, by nature, vary in look and feel. They are naturally occurring and made up of various properties that give them special features, and just like the natural stones it’s inspired by, the look and feel of Portmeirion Minerals is wonderfully unique too.

Made from stoneware and finished with a reactive glaze, each piece has its own distinct characteristics. When crafted, during the firing process, the glaze that coats the ceramic reacts resulting in one-of-a-kind patterns and markings, creating a collection full of naturally individual and beautiful pieces.

The colours of Portmeirion Minerals

The reactive glaze that washes over the curves of the Minerals collection is showcased in four beautiful colours that make a statement on their own or layer harmoniously together for a mix and match setting. The unique texture and detail that make up each piece offer something to admire, whether you have just the mugs or a full dinner set in your collection.

The colours of Minerals were chosen specifically for their distinctive shades and the beauty of the stone they are named after:

Rose Quartz

A pink variety of quartz that is valued for its gentle and soothing energy, associated with love, compassion and emotional healing. Showcased on the Minerals stoneware as a dusky pink that mesmerises the eye and beautifully balances the collection when layered together.


Known for its pearly or opalescent sheen that can exhibit a range of colours, including white, grey, peach and blue. Moonstone is known for promoting intuition, calmness and emotional balance. Chosen here as a white-grey hue for a neutral base to build upon.


A blue-green variety of the mineral beryl that can range from light to deep blue and is often associated with courage, calmness and communication. Here a pale blue shade washes over the ceramics adding tranquillity and thoughtfulness to the colour palette.


A purple variety of quartz that can range from pale lavender to deep violet. A rich shade of purple coats the stoneware adding depth and striking contrast. Amethyst is believed to protect and have calming and meditative effects.

Layering the colours of Minerals

When laying a tablescape with Minerals, the moonstone colourway is the perfect neutral base, while the calming shades of aquamarine and rose quartz add further intrigue and depth when you start to layer the pieces. The rich amethyst colourway adorns the hero pieces in the collection, such as the serving bowl and platters, bringing all four shades together when mixed and matched for a beautifully balanced setting.

Minerals is an easy-to-style collection where the shades and shapes are designed to sit separately or together, giving you the opportunity to style a table that is truly unique to you.