Wedding Gifts: What to Buy a Newly Married Couple

Nowadays, engaged couples put a wedding gift list together. If you're looking for a more memorable and personal gift, here are some ideas.

Weddings have changed over the years; veils have become less traditional, dress designs are more modern and varied, couples are opting for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception party to be hosted in one venue, couples rarely create a catalogue of wedding gifts for guests to buy, and more couples are saving to pay for their own wedding rather than the traditional bride’s parents being obliged to cover the costs.

Increasingly weddings are becoming more personal, from the wedding venue décor to the food and music, even the choice of wedding gifts. Some couples prefer guests to gift them with money to buy their own things, or to take on their honeymoon. Gift vouchers are also a good wedding gift idea. Other couples prefer the guests to donate money to a charity that are personal to them.

Nowadays, the choice of what wedding gifts to buy a bride and groom is entirely up to the guests, unless stated otherwise. But what do you buy a newly married couple if they haven’t specified particular wedding gifts?

If you’re close to the couple and visit them regularly, you’ll gain more of an understanding of what they need and don’t need. For example, they might own some tableware that is a looking a little distressed, or a dinner set that is becoming more fragile by the day. They might have purchased cheap tableware to buy time because they’re having a new kitchen put in. If this is the case, a new dinner set would make a perfect wedding gift and it’s an opportunity to treat them to something luxurious.

The Westerly collection at Portmeirion has wedding gifts written all over it. The tableware design from the Westerly collection is divine. It combines classic colours with an authentic, yet simple design.


For couples who prefer more traditional tableware, the Botanic Garden collection should be on the wedding gift list. The Botanic Garden design boasts elegance and tradition. The detail on the design is second to none. It’s a tableware collection that ticks off all the boxes from Sunday breakfast with the family to afternoon tea with friends.


If you need some more inspiration for tableware and dinnerware wedding gift sets for the home, we have a selection of gorgeous gifts available to suit budget and taste.

If the wedding couple has everything they need for the home, there are plenty of other gift options including:

Tickets to their favourite show – if they need to travel why not turn it into a weekend treat and book accommodation?

No doubt the soon to be married couple will have been spending the last couple of months getting everything sorted for the big day, and not had time to switch off from wedding related things, so why not treat them to a meal for two at their favourite restaurant?

If you know where they’re jetting off to for their honeymoon, exchange some money into the right currency so they can treat themselves to something whilst they’re away.

Or maybe you would rather book something in advance for them to do whilst on their honeymoon such as a meal or an excursion?

Donate to a charity that is close the couple's hearts - some newlyweds ask their guests to donate to charity rather than buy them a gift, but if not this would make a personal and special gift.

Be creative and gift them something personalised to remember their special day together. Capture that perfect photo of the newlyweds and place it in an engraved frame with the date of the wedding on.

The perfect wedding gift does depend on how well you know the couple, but for most bride and grooms, attending and being part of their special day is enough.


If you’re married, you’ll know only too well how much it means spending and celebrating your wedding day with friends and family. You’re creating happy memories that will be treasured and talked about for years to come.

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