For many, gone are the days of packing up your lunch, heading to the train station and commuting into the office. Nowadays it’s more than likely that yourself, or someone within your household, has moved towards working remotely from home. In this blog, we delve into the world of successfully working from home and take a look at the best ways to work from home efficiently, enthusiastically, and of course, stylishly.

Portmeirion’s top tips for working remotely:

1) Maintain a routine

One of the biggest personal benefits of working from home is the later wake up call, but that doesn’t mean you should be hitting the snooze button until the very last minute. Everyone knows that the early bird
catches the worm, so try getting up at least an hour before work so you can sit and watch the news, read your favourite magazine, or enjoy a relaxing breakfast before your busy day ahead starts.

Here’s a few of our favourite at‐home breakfast choices we like to enjoy when we have extra minute to spare due to working from home:

‐ Overnight oats with berries
‐ Vegetable omelette
‐ Fresh croissant
‐ Yogurt and fruit
‐ Bacon and egg sandwich

2) Create a pleasing home office décor

We all know, if you create a pleasing workspace then your productivity is likely
to be much higher. That doesn’t mean you need to completely transform a room in your house but having a dedicated workspace will ensure working remotely becomes much more comfortable and effective.

To create your perfect home office décor, all you need is a desk and a little
creativity! One of our favourite home office décor themes is minimal yet
elegant; picture marble tones, earthy colourways and soft shapes. To create
this style, add framed posters above your desk which exude relaxation, pop a
vase of fresh flowers on your desk, and accessorise with your favourite mug to
enjoy a warming drink from. To accentuate this style, choose our Botanic Garden Harmony breakfast cup and saucers.

3) Take regular breaks

Even the hardest of workers take regular breaks to ensure they’re well fed and watered for the working day. When working remotely you can feel pressured to work through your breaks, but this shouldn’t be the case. If your working hours are 9‐5, be sure to take at least two proper breaks, outside of your lunch time, for example at 11am and 3pm. They don’t have to be for long, just enough to take your eyes off your laptop and give yourself a quick rest. Our favourite way to spend a break is popping the kettle on and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, accompanied with a sweet treat.

4) If your children are at home, preparation is key

Having children at home while working is a challenge for even the calmest of parents, but having little pieces of pre‐planned entertainment up your sleeve for those unruly moments is every working parent’s must‐have, and one of our top tips for working remotely. For a time when your child is feeling a little fussy and needs to be kept occupied, head to our previous blog, Colouring in with Portmeirion Patterns , and print out a colouring‐in sheet to keep them busy. Inspired by our much‐loved Portmeirion collections , your kids can enjoy colouring in the patterns of Westerly, Crazy Daisy and Atrium.

5) Give yourself something to look forward to

Without the fun chatter of colleagues in an office, working remotely can seem
as though each day is the same, but that doesn’t have to be the case! A routine is great to have throughout the day but be sure to mix things up in the evening to have something to look forward to when working from home.

Here’s a few of our favourite at‐home evening activities:

‐ Movie night with popcorn and cocktails
‐ Romantic date night dinner
‐ Baking treats to enjoy during your breaks the next day
‐ A family quiz night with your household
‐ Play card games
‐ An at‐home karaoke night
‐ Open the book you’ve been meaning to read

There you have it, our top tips for working remotely! We’d love to see your at home work setups, be sure to tag us in them on social media, PortmeirionUK on Facebook and ukportmeirion on Instagram.
Happy home working!