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Award-winning Sara Miller's brand new India Collection brings to life the magnificent sights, majestic wildlife and intense treasure trove of colour found in the spellbinding country from where it takes its name. We are delighted to showcase some of these new product lines right here on our website.

Sara Miller London India - Lattice Windows Teapot

The stunning fine china collection which includes a teapot, a three tier cake stand, four mugs and four cake plates will adorn your home like exquisite jewels. Embellished with signature gold detailing and featuring designs brimming with ornate archways, lush courtyards, exotic animals and beautiful birds, the collection was inspired by Sara’s adventures in Rajasthan. But don't just take our word for it, we sat down with Sara Miller herself who told us a little about her inspiration for these new designs:

“I was completely bowled over by the colour, vibrancy and warmth of the country” explains Sara.

Sara Miller London India - 3 Tier Cake Stand

“Walking through elegant scalloped archways into rooms adorned from floor to ceiling with hand-painted pattern - I was in awe. From the impressive latticework windows and in-laid ivory panels of the palaces to excitement of the bazaars filled to the brim with bangles, parasols, mirrored bedspreads and gem stones, India was a complete visual overload and a true feast for all the senses!”

Amongst the new mug designs are beautifully adorned elephants parading through a garden oasis complete with ornate filigree staircase, graceful storks perched amongst frescoed archways and elegant latticework windows and a genteel giraffe in the haven of a lush courtyard garden full of glistening foliage.

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Sara Miller London India - New Mug Collection