From cooking a traditional Christmas dinner for all of the family, to scrolling through Pinterest for Christmas home decor ideas to make sure your home is as Christmassy as possible - there’s a lot of planning involved for just one day! However, our tips and tricks will help you to plan the most festive, fun-filled family Christmas that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Watch a Family Christmas Film

Whether Elf is your go-to, or you’re a family of Grinch fans - there are a huge number of family Christmas films to choose from that’ll keep your entire family entertained, allowing you to relax and unwind after one too many mince pies.
Some of our favourite Christmas films include:

The Polar Express
Miracle on 34th Street
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Snowman & The Snowdog
So whether you’re planning a cosy Christmas film marathon, or just watch your favourite with a huge tub of Christmas chocolates - a family film is an essential part of Christmas day!

Plan Your Christmas Dinner in Advance

Whether you’ve been tasked with cooking a vegan Christmas dinner, or you’re whipping up a more traditional Christmas meal - planning your Christmas dinner definitely isn’t an easy task. However, when it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. From where and when you’ll be buying the food from, to choosing the perfect festive dinner set in advance - planning your meal from start to finish will ensure that your meal goes off without a hitch!

There are a few things you can prepare in advance to help to take a little bit of pressure off on the big day and allow you to concentrate on cooking a delicious Christmas dinner, including:

Set the table the day before with decorations, festive place mats and the all-important Christmas crackers.
Prepare some of your vegetables in advance and store them in the freezer - just don’t forget to take them out the night before!
Don’t make everything from scratch - buy packaged sauces and puddings to save you a little time on the day.

Get Competitive with Christmas Day Games

After a morning of festivities and cheer, you can’t beat some Christmas day games to bring your competitive streak out and provide you and your family with hours of fun. From strategy games like Monopoly, to something more lighthearted like Pictionary - there are a huge number of Christmas day games to choose from that’ll keep all of the family entertained. And if you’re really looking to raise the stakes - the loser has got to do the washing up!

So whether you spend an entire afternoon playing board games, relax with a Christmas film marathon, or simply spend the entire day grazing on your delicious Christmas dinner, chocolates and mince pies - you’re sure to have a truly memorable family Christmas day.