Discover Portmeirion Atrium – Behind the Design

With its elegant blooms, the inspiration for Portmeirion’s Atrium design was originally drawn from the idea of bringing the outdoors in, for the contemporary lifestyles of today.

The beautiful floral pottery combines chrysanthemums and dahlias with green leaves and palm leaves. Each flower was transformed into intricate floral sketches, with warm spring tones added to the pattern.

Bursting with colour, the collection reflects the true outdoors with cool greens and greys integrating with the purple and yellow blooms to create a truly stunning design.

The unique element to Atrium is the fact that geometric shapes have been mixed with the floral pattern – brought together to create a perfect synergy.

Alongside the concept, texture was also considered. Embossing was incorporated to add a rich sense of character taken from the geometric elements, creating a perfect statement to the collection. 

Portmeirion designer, Penny Swancott, said: “The floral design hopes to suggest the idea of growth through the pattern and to try and emulate a living wall effect, perfect for a nature-themed room, while the modern geometric ceramic elements display a more masculine feel to the style.

The design was intended to create a contrasting mix and match but by using the same colours they complement each other as a whole set. With the design including both floral and geometric patterns, it creates an equal balance to appeal to all.”

With the continuing trends of indoor living, surrounding yourself by nature is proven to boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, reflected in the surge of nature-inspired home décor.

The beauty of nature has a special appeal that relaxes and refreshes like few other things can. Atrium is the perfect way to incorporate nature into your home so you can enjoy it year-round.

Bringing natural materials into your home can also add to an outdoorsy feel, recommends Maria Samuels, marketing and materials specialist at InStyle Modern: “Blues evoke the colours of water and the sky. Shades of green bring the essence of plants and grasses into your home. Neutrals, tans, and beiges express earthiness.

“The outdoors provides a palpable and organic appeal for people, so it’s no surprise that we want to bring that beauty inside.”

You will be sure to capture the beauty of the outdoors all year round with Portmeirion's Atrium collection.